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Karen McKeown

Gale Cengage
Director, Discovery & Analytics
Farmington Hills, MI
I lead efforts at Gale, a division of Cengage Learning, centered on making the traditionally library focused resources Gale provides discoverable in the path of intended users - students, faculty and learners. Having a college aged daughter and being a part of a company whose legacy includes both the library and higher education publishing, I am most interested in helping to address cost, access, quality tradeoffs of affordable learning solutions. That's why I'm excited I'm working on projects to support how Gale and Cengage can work together to make education more affordable. Recent projects: Gale Researcher (classroom focused library database), Gale in discovery services, Gale API's, open web content and discovery initiatives, Google and Microsoft integration, learning technology partnerships. I also manage some of the analytics used internally and by customers - and love to see analytics driving better user experiences and new insights. BS from Purdue and MBA Rutgers.
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