Featured Speakers

avatar for Loretta Parham

Loretta Parham

AUC Woodruff Library
CEO & Library Director
avatar for Jim O'Donnell

Jim O'Donnell

Arizona State University
University Librarian
avatar for Georgios Papadopoulos

Georgios Papadopoulos

Founder and CEO
avatar for Brewster Kahle

Brewster Kahle

Internet Archive
Digital Librarian & Founder
avatar for Ruth Pickering

Ruth Pickering

Co-Founder / Chief BD and Strategy Officer

Ian Mulvany

Head of Product Innovation
avatar for Elizabeth Caley

Elizabeth Caley

Chan Zuckerberg
Chief of Staff, Meta
avatar for Peter Brantley

Peter Brantley

University of California, Davis
Director, Online Strategy
avatar for Heather Staines

Heather Staines

Delta Think
Senior Consultant
avatar for Ruth Okediji

Ruth Okediji

Harvard Law School
Jeremiah Smith, Jr. Professor of Law
avatar for Ann Okerson

Ann Okerson

Center for Research Libraries
Senior Advisor
avatar for William M. Hannay

William M. Hannay

Schiff Hardin LLP

John Abresch

University of South Florida
Assistant Librarian


avatar for Ray Abruzzi

Ray Abruzzi

Program Director, Wiley Digital Archives

Helen Adey

Nottingham Trent University
Resource Acquisition & Supply Team Manager
avatar for Scott Ahlberg

Scott Ahlberg

Reprints Desk /Research Solutions
Chief Operations Officer
avatar for Lenny Allen

Lenny Allen

Bloomsbury Digital Resources
VP Global Sales & Marketing
avatar for Glenda Alvin

Glenda Alvin

Tennessee State University
Interim Director of Libraries and Media Centers
avatar for Nicole Ameduri

Nicole Ameduri

Springer Nature
Senior Licensing Manager
avatar for Ivy Anderson

Ivy Anderson

California Digital Library
Associate Executive Director
avatar for Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson

Chief Executive Officer
avatar for Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson

GOBI Library Solutions
Senior Collection Development Manager
avatar for Rick Anderson

Rick Anderson

University of Utah
Assoc. Dean for Collections & Schol Comm
avatar for Serin Anderson

Serin Anderson

University of Washington Tacoma
Collections & Budget Coordinator
avatar for Margaret Ansell

Margaret Ansell

University of Florida
Nursing & Consumer Health Liaison Librarian
avatar for Kristin Antelman

Kristin Antelman

University Librarian
avatar for Jacqueline Whyte Appleby

Jacqueline Whyte Appleby

Scholars Portal
Interim Associate Director
avatar for Xan Arch

Xan Arch

University of Portland
Dean, Clark Library
avatar for Eric Archambault

Eric Archambault

avatar for Tim Auger

Tim Auger

EBSCO Information Services
Principal Software Engineer
avatar for Daniel  Ayala

Daniel Ayala

Secratic LLC
Managing Partner

Martin Bagaya

Central Washington University
Assistant Professor, Information Technology and Administrative...

Stacy Baggett

Shenandoah University
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Jeff Bailey

Jeff Bailey

Arkansas State University
Library Director
avatar for Kristine Baker

Kristine Baker

GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO
Vice President, Consortia and Publisher Relations
avatar for Stephanie Baker

Stephanie Baker

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Library Information Systems Specialist

Todd Baldwin

SAGE Publishing
Executive Director of Online Library and Reference Publishing
avatar for Jean-Gabriel Bankier

Jean-Gabriel Bankier

bepress | Elsevier
Managing Director, Digital Commons
avatar for Mary Barbosa-Jerez

Mary Barbosa-Jerez

St. Olaf College
Head of Strategy for Library Collections & Archives
avatar for Cara Barker

Cara Barker

Western Carolina University
Associate Professor, Research & Instruction Librarian
avatar for Buzzy Basch

Buzzy Basch

Basch Subscriptions
avatar for Sarah Beaubien

Sarah Beaubien

Grand Valley State University
Head of Collections & Scholarly Communications

Paul Beavers

Wayne State University
Coordinator for Collection Development & Assessment
avatar for Rachel Becker

Rachel Becker

Madison Area Technical College
Copyright & Open Educational Resources Librarian
avatar for Annie  Belanger

Annie Belanger

Grand Valley State University
Dean of University Libraries
avatar for Graham Bell

Graham Bell

Executive Director

Chris Bennett

Cambridge University Press
Global Sales Director
avatar for Shaun Bennett

Shaun Bennett

North Carolina State University
University Library Technician
avatar for Susan Wald Berkman

Susan Wald Berkman

Nova Southeastern University
Asst. Dir Collection Development & Tech Services
avatar for Beth Bernhardt

Beth Bernhardt

Oxford University Press/ Previously at UNC Greensboro
Consortia Account Manager
avatar for Ann Beynon

Ann Beynon

Clarivate Analytics
Manager, Solution Specialists
avatar for Deborah Bezanson

Deborah Bezanson

George Washington University
Senior Research Librarian

Dania Bilal

School of Information Sciences University of Tennessee
avatar for Barbara Bishop

Barbara Bishop

Auburn University Libraries
Librarian for Communication, Journalism & Theatre

Adam Blackwell

Project Manager Lead
avatar for Carola Blackwood

Carola Blackwood

De Gruyter
Sales Manager

Beth Blanton-Kent

University of Virginia Library
Collections Librarian
avatar for Rachel Bock

Rachel Bock

Director, Product Managment
avatar for Robert Boissy

Robert Boissy

Springer Nature
Director of Account Development
avatar for Maria Bonn

Maria Bonn

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Associate Professor, MS/LIS and CAS Program Director
avatar for Rachel Borchardt

Rachel Borchardt

American University
Associate Director, Research and Instructional Services, and Science...
avatar for Steve Bosch

Steve Bosch

University of Arizona Library
Materials Bdg, Proc. and Licensing Librarian
avatar for Chris Box

Chris Box

IOP Publishing
Head, E-book Program
avatar for Ceilyn Boyd

Ceilyn Boyd

Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University
Dataverse Development Project Manager

Doug Braaten

New York Academy of Sciences
Chief Scientific Officer, Scientific Publications & Editor-in-Chief,...
avatar for Monica Bradford

Monica Bradford

American Association for the Advancement of Science
Executive Editor

Pamela Bradigan

The Ohio State University Health Sciences Library
Assistant Vice President, Health Sciences, Director Health Sciences...
avatar for Alison Bradley

Alison Bradley

Director, Strategic Initiatives

A. Kathy Bradshaw

Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries
Assistant University Librarian for Organizational Development
avatar for Denise Branch

Denise Branch

Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries
Head of Electronic and Continuing Resources
avatar for Amy Brand

Amy Brand

The MIT Press
avatar for Rick Branham

Rick Branham

Vice President Pre-Sales, Academic & Content Solutions
avatar for Andy  Breeding

Andy Breeding

Senior Product Manager
avatar for Michelle Brewer

Michelle Brewer

Wolters Kluwer
Librarian/Mgr. Market Intelligence
avatar for Dominic Broadhurst

Dominic Broadhurst

University of Manchester
Academic Engagement Manager
avatar for Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown

Mercer University Library
Assistant Dean for Technical Services & Systems
avatar for Sherri Brown

Sherri Brown

University of Kansas
Literatures & Humanities Librarian
avatar for Rebecca Bryant

Rebecca Bryant

Senior Program Officer
avatar for Tim Bucknall

Tim Bucknall

UNC Greensboro
Assistant Dean of Libraries
avatar for Rick Burke

Rick Burke

Executive Director
avatar for Shannon Burke

Shannon Burke

Texas A&M University Libraries
Coordinator of Acquisitions
avatar for Dylan Burns

Dylan Burns

Utah State University
Digital Scholarship Librarian
avatar for Heidi Busch

Heidi Busch

Paul Meek Library
Public Service Librarian
avatar for Jonathan Cain

Jonathan Cain

University of Oregon
Head of Data Services
avatar for Mimi Calter

Mimi Calter

Stanford Libraries
Deputy University Librarian
avatar for Colleen Campbell

Colleen Campbell

Max Planck Digital Library
Strategic Advisor
avatar for Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell

BMJ (formerly known as The British Medical Journal)
Managing Director, the Americas

Todd Campbell

University of North Georgia
Director of University Studies
avatar for Michael Carmichael

Michael Carmichael

SAGE Publishing
Head of Visual Media
avatar for Carolyn Carpan

Carolyn Carpan

University of Alberta Libraries
Collection Strategies Librarian
avatar for Todd Carpenter

Todd Carpenter

Executive Director

Sian Carr

University of Tennessee Knoxville
Graduate Research Assistant

Angela Carreño

New York University Libraries
Head of Collection Development
avatar for Alexa Carter

Alexa Carter

University of Tennessee - Knoxville
Graduate Research Assistant-Experience Assessment (UX-A)

Toni Carter

Auburn University Libraries
Reference & Instruction Librarian, Instruction Coordinator, Women's...
avatar for Beth Caruso

Beth Caruso

Atkins Library, UNC Charlotte
Technology Services Coordinator
avatar for Samuel Cassady

Samuel Cassady

Western University
Head, Collections and Content Strategies

Kay Cassell

Rutgers University
Assistant Professor

Mike Caulfield

Washington State University
Director of Blended and Networked Learning

Osman Celik

UCLA Library
International Acquisitions Coordinator
avatar for Ashley Chase

Ashley Chase

Stetson University College of Law
Assistant Professor of Law
avatar for Trish Chatterley

Trish Chatterley

University of Alberta
Collection Strategies Coordinator
avatar for Betz Des Chenes

Betz Des Chenes

Gale, Cengage Learning
Director, Content Strategy and Development
avatar for Cheng Cheng

Cheng Cheng

SUNY Oneonta
Acquisitions & Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Kelsey Cheshire

Kelsey Cheshire

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Behavioral Sciences Librarian
avatar for Adam Chesler

Adam Chesler

AIP Publishing
Director, Global Sales
avatar for Sayeed Choudhury

Sayeed Choudhury

Johns Hopkins University
Head of OSPO
avatar for Tina E Chrzastowski

Tina E Chrzastowski

Santa Clara University Library
Head of Access & Delivery Services
avatar for Kristina Clement

Kristina Clement

University of Tennessee Knoxville
MLIS Graduate Student
avatar for Amanda Click

Amanda Click

American University
Business Librarian

Tim Coates

The Freckle Project
CEO and Founder

Peter Cohn

The George Washington University GW Libraries & Academic Innovation
Director of Research Services
avatar for Linda Colding

Linda Colding

Florida Gulf Coast University
Head, Reference, Research & Instruction

Ed Colleran

Seacoast Partners
avatar for Lettie Conrad

Lettie Conrad

Maverick Publishing Specialists
Product Research & Development Affiliate
avatar for Michael Cook

Michael Cook

Cornell University
Head of Collections, Mann Library
avatar for Nicole Amy Cooke

Nicole Amy Cooke

University of Illinois
Assistant Profesor, MS/LIS Program Director, School of Information...
avatar for Camille Cooper

Camille Cooper

Clemson University
English & Performing Arts Librarian
avatar for Hillary Corbett

Hillary Corbett

Northeastern University Libraries
Director, Scholarly Communication and Digital Publishing

Marc Cormier

Gale, a Cengage company
Director, Product Management
avatar for Monica Crabtree

Monica Crabtree

University of Notre Dame
Supervisor, Resource Description and Discovery Services
avatar for Carol Cramer

Carol Cramer

Wake Forest University
Head of Collection Management
avatar for Steve Cramer

Steve Cramer

UNC Greensboro
Business & Entrepreneurship Librarian
avatar for Laurel Sammonds Crawford, MLIS

Laurel Sammonds Crawford, MLIS

University of North Texas Libraries
Head of Collection Development
avatar for Linda Creibaum

Linda Creibaum

Arkansas State University
Acquisitions and Serials Librarian

Rebecca Crist

Big Ten Academic Alliance
Project Manager
avatar for Lindsay Cronk

Lindsay Cronk

University of Rochester
Head of Collection Strategies
avatar for Mercè Crosas

Mercè Crosas

IQSS, Harvard University
Chief Data Science and Technology Officer
avatar for David Crotty

David Crotty

Oxford University Press
Editorial Director, Journals Policy
avatar for Lea Currie

Lea Currie

University of Kansas Libraries
Head of Content Development
avatar for Jeffrey Daniels

Jeffrey Daniels

Grand Valley State University
Knowledge Infrastructure Strategist

Rebekah Darksmith

Collaborative Knowledge Foundation

Alice Daugherty

The University of Alabama
Director of Resource Acquisition and Discovery
avatar for Ravit H. David

Ravit H. David

Scholars Portal, OCUL University of Toronto Library
Ebook Coordinator and Metadata Librarian
avatar for Christine Davidian

Christine Davidian

Rowan University
Electronic Resources & Serials Librarian
avatar for Hilary Davis

Hilary Davis

North Carolina State University Libraries
Department Head, Collections & Research Strategy

Kate Davis

Scholars Portal, OCUL
Assistant Director, (Collections & Digital Preservation)
avatar for Rick Davis

Rick Davis

Towson University
Copyright Librarian & Head of Resource Sharing
avatar for Stephanie Davis-Kahl

Stephanie Davis-Kahl

Illinois Wesleyan University
University Librarian
avatar for Trevor A. Dawes

Trevor A. Dawes

University of Delaware Library
Vice Provost for Libraries and Museums and May Morris University...
avatar for Kelly Denzer

Kelly Denzer

Davidson College
Collections Strategist and Discovery Librarian

Madelynn Dickerson

Claremont Colleges Library
Information Resources Coordinator

Bryan Dillon

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
avatar for Joyce Dixon-Fyle

Joyce Dixon-Fyle


Dan Tam Do

University of Vermont
Cataloging & Metadata Librarian
avatar for Anne Doherty

Anne Doherty

RCL Project Editor
avatar for Brianne Dosch

Brianne Dosch

University of Tennessee
Research Assistant - Recent Graduate
avatar for John G. Dove

John G. Dove

Consultant and Open Access Advocate

Kay Downey

Kent State University
Collection Management Librarian
avatar for Sara Duff

Sara Duff

University of Central Florida
Acquisitions and Collection Assessment Librarian
avatar for Joanne Dunham

Joanne Dunham

University of Leicester
Associate Director: Resources and Information
avatar for Christine Dunleavy

Christine Dunleavy

University of South Florida libraries : St Petersburg campus
Library Operations Manager

David Durant

East Carolina University
Federal Documents and Social Sciences Librarian

Craig Van Dyck

Senior Advisor
avatar for Andrea Eastman-Mullins

Andrea Eastman-Mullins

ProQuest / Alexander Street
VP Product Management

Claire Eichman

GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO
Collection Development Manager
avatar for Andy Langhurst Eickholt

Andy Langhurst Eickholt

Eastern Washington University Libraries
Collection Management Librarian
avatar for Evelyn Elias

Evelyn Elias

Taylor & Francis
Library Sales Director
avatar for Jon Elwell

Jon Elwell

Director of Content Strategies
avatar for Jill Emery

Jill Emery

Portland State University
Collection Development & Management Librarian
avatar for Lenore England

Lenore England

Asst. Director for Electronic Resources Management
avatar for Ms Lorraine Estelle

Ms Lorraine Estelle

Project Director
avatar for Steve Fallon

Steve Fallon

De Gruyter
Vice President of Americas and Strategic Partnerships
avatar for Kevin Farley

Kevin Farley

Virginia Commonwealth University
Humanities Collections Librarian
avatar for Maggie Farrell

Maggie Farrell

University of Nevada Las Vegas
Dean of Libraries
avatar for Ashley Fast

Ashley Fast

GOBI Library Solutions from EBSCO
Director, Collection Development and Workflow Solutions, Eastern US

Lee Ann S. Ferguson

Southern Gerontological Society
Association Manager
avatar for Barbara Ferry

Barbara Ferry

Smithsonian Libraries
Head, Natural and Physical Sciences Libraries

Amy Filiatreau

Lynn University Library
Library Director

David Fisher

VP – Global Library Sales
avatar for Rachel Fleming

Rachel Fleming

UT Chattanooga
Scholarly Communications Librarian
avatar for Rachel Fleming-May

Rachel Fleming-May

School of Information Sciences, The University of Tennessee
Associate Professor

Pamela Forde

Royal College of Physicians
Archive Manager
avatar for Frances Foret

Frances Foret

Hirsh Health Sciences Library, Tufts University
Head, Collections Management
avatar for Corinne Forstot-Burke

Corinne Forstot-Burke

University of Kansas Libraries
Performing Arts and Humanities Librarian
avatar for Anita Foster

Anita Foster

The Ohio State University
Electronic Resources Officer
avatar for Shin Freedman

Shin Freedman

Framingham State University
Head, Scholarly Resources & Collections

Richard Freeman

University of Florida
Assistant Librarian, Anthropology Liaison
avatar for Andrew French

Andrew French

Ex Libris
Director of Sales Operations
avatar for Ann Gabriel

Ann Gabriel

Chair: RA21 Outreach Committee and VP Academic & Research Relations,...
avatar for Erin Gallagher

Erin Gallagher

Reed College
Director of Collection Services
avatar for Teri Gallaway

Teri Gallaway

Louisiana Library Network
Associate Commissioner
avatar for Jeremy Garskof

Jeremy Garskof

Gettysburg College
Director of TS

Lynn E. Gates

Kraemer Family Library
Director of Collections and Content
avatar for Karen Gau

Karen Gau

Virginia Commonwealth University
Health Sciences Collection Librarian

Christopher Geissler

Brown University Library
Director of the John Hay Library & Special Collections
avatar for Julia Gelfand

Julia Gelfand

University of California, Irvine
Applied Sciences & Engineering Librarian
avatar for Elizabeth German

Elizabeth German

Texas A&M University
Service Design Librarian
avatar for Darcy Gervasio

Darcy Gervasio

Purchase College Library
Coordinator of Reference
avatar for Christina Geuther

Christina Geuther

Kansas State University
Electronic Resources Librarian
avatar for Laura Gewissler

Laura Gewissler

University of Vermont
Director of Collection Management Services
avatar for Jamie Gieseck-Ashworth

Jamie Gieseck-Ashworth

EBSCO Information Services
Account Services Manager
avatar for Meredith Giffin

Meredith Giffin

Concordia University
Collections Coordinator

Scott Gillies

Mercer University
Associate Dean of the University Library
avatar for Tracy Gilmore

Tracy Gilmore

Virginia Tech
Collections Assessment Librarian

Tom Gilson

Against the Grain
Associate Editor
avatar for Rhonda Glazier

Rhonda Glazier

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Director of Collections Management
avatar for Steve Goodall

Steve Goodall

Founder and President
The Goodall Family Foundation
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