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Wednesday, November 8

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A Trouble Shared... Collaborative Approaches to Addressing the Problems Affecting Measurement of E-Resource Usage Data Cypress South, Courtyard Marriott HotelRoss MacIntyre • Jill Morris After the Prologue for Three State University Libraries: Writing the Story to a Streamlined Future as One University Citadel Green Room North, Embassy Suites HotelKaren Jensen Approval Plans: An Apology Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterPamela Grudzien • Rick Lugg • Bob Nardini Between Rare and Commonplace: Closing the Venn Diagram of Special and General Collections Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelChristopher Geissler • Boaz Nadav-Manes Elsevier and bepress: Let’s Go There Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelTim Bucknall • Jean-Gabriel Bankier Finding the Right Mix: A Holistic Approach to Collection Development Salon I, Gaillard CenterKim Anderson • Shannon Burke • Eric Wedig History Has Its Eyes on You: Lighthouses and Libraries Weathering Storms of Change - or is being the Public Good Good Enough? Citadel Green Room South, Embassy Suites HotelCorey Seeman How Difficult Can It Be? Creating an integrated network among library stakeholders to promote electronic access. Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelDenise Branch • Jamie Gieseck-Ashworth • Ben Johnson • Anne-Marie Viola Is it Really “Not Applicable?” Zoom in to Understand eBook Accessibility Ashley Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelDanica Lewis • Xiaoyan Song Laying Down the Whack-a-Mole Mallet: One inexperienced ERM team's story about adopting the Agile philosophy to manage electronic resources, The Epic Saga - Part One Cooper Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelGeraldine Rinna Libraries and the University Research Enterprise: An International Perspective Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelRebecca Bryant • Simon Huggard • Anne Rauh Mission? Permission! Opening Publications in HathiTrust from Limited to Full View at Scale. Cypress North, Courtyard Marriott HotelMichael Cook • Sarah Kennedy • Michelle Paolillo Moving Beyond the Prologue: Exploring Data-centered Approaches to Prioritizing Serials Preservation Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterCraig Van Dyck • Stephanie Orphan • Amy Wood Navigating Research: Do scholarly reference resources still meet users’ needs? Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterPatricia Hudson • Simon Pawley • David Tyckoson NISO KBART: The future is automation! Salon II, Gaillard CenterC. Derrik Hiatt • Christine Stohn • Abigail Wickes Open Access Funds – What Difference Do They Make? Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelRachael Samberg • Anneliese Taylor Our Lives as Editors of a Predatory Journal: Lessons Learned Publishing a Scholarly Open Access Journal Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelJonathan Cain • Jill Emery • Michael Levine-Clark Scientific Societies and Associations: A close look into what they do and why it matters for libraries Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelSarah McClung • Lee Ann S. Ferguson • Felice Levine Shotgun Session Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelBeth Bernhardt • Osman Celik • Carol Cramer • Barbara Ferry • Simon Inger • Brandon Lewter • Courtney McAllister • Renna Redd “We Bought a Bench?” Making the Case for Developing an Artists’ Books Collection in the Age of the Digital Library Magnolia Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelMary Kandiuk

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A Little EBA’ll Do Ya: How EBA is Driving Changes to eBook purchasing Salon I, Gaillard CenterCambridge University Press • Apryl Price • Anna Sansome • Nathan Turner Choose Your Own Adventure: A Thrilling Journey of Collaborative Collection Assessment Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterMadelynn Dickerson • Jamie Hazlitt • Caroline Muglia • Jeremy Whitt Doing Good and Doing Well: Strategies for Sustaining Open Source Community Publishing Software Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelRebekah Darksmith • James MacGregor • Nancy Maron eBooks Speed Dating: Who’s in the Driver Seat Going Forward? Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterJackie Ricords • Jeremy Garskof • Julia Gelfand • Lisa Mackinder • Jill Morris Everything Old is New Again: Developing Humanities Data Collections Cooper Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelJonathan Cain • John Russell From Numbers to Narratives: Putting the Human Face on Metrics Cypress South, Courtyard Marriott HotelKaren Gutzman • Michael Habib • Aaron Sorensen • Anne Stone • Mike Taylor Future Proof: Openness, APIs, and Open Frameworks Colonial Ballroom, Embassy Suites HotelAndrew French • Jon Shaw • Jason Thomale • Ex Libris Helping Faculty Embrace Fate: Collaborating to Build and Promote an IR and a Scholarly Communications Program on Campus Salon II, Gaillard CenterSamantha Kennedy • Shilpa Rele • Stephen Robishaw Identifying, Funding, and Publishing Open Access Humanities Books Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelLisa Macklin • Sarah McKee • Charles Watkinson It's 2017: Do You Know What Your Approval Plan Is? Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterSteve Bosch • Trish Chatterley • Bob Nardini • Gracemary Smulewitz Level Up!: Transitioning to a New Library Magnolia Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelSara Duff Leveraging Library Consortia: Developing a Shared E-Resources Collection & Improving Vendor E-Resource Accessibility Citadel Green Room North, Embassy Suites HotelRick Davis • Lenore England • Randall Lowe • Robert Van Rennes • Stephanie Rosen • Heidi Schroeder Librarians Leading the Way to Improved Research Reproducibility Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelMoshe Pritsker • Lutishoor Salisbury • Franklin Sayre • Cynthia Thomes Mission Driven Publishing in the 21st Century Cypress North, Courtyard Marriott HotelBeth Bernhardt • Chris Bennett • Niko Pfund • John Sherer • Elizabeth Windsor Open Libraries: How Can we Fill those Empty Digital Shelves? Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelWendy Hanamura Personalization, Privacy, and the Pressure to Upgrade Authentication – A Conundrum? Or Perhaps a Win-Win? Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelScott Ahlberg • Elizabeth Leonard • Joshua Pyle • Andy Sanford Pirates or Robin Hoods? Copyright and the Public Good Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelRick Anderson • Robert Boissy • William M. Hannay • Ann Okerson Reading in the Digital Age Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelJoyce Dixon-Fyle • David Durant Staying Relevant in a Changing Information Landscape: A Global Perspective on Collection Development Best Practices Ashley Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelJoanne Dunham • Kari Paulson Survey, Statistics, Narrative: Communicating Library Value to Administrators Citadel Green Room South, Embassy Suites HotelMichelle Rivera-Spann • Jeffrey Matlak • Mark McCallon • Alison Scott • Luke Swindler

2:30pm EST

Acceleration of Interdisciplinary Research: How to help researchers integrate into the research ecosystem Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelGregg Gordon • James Prescott Altmetrics for Everyone: How to get Open, Easy, Free Metrics of Online Impact Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterUnpaywall Journals • James MacGregor • Jason Priem • Robin Sinn Amazon.com vs. EBSCO’s GOBI Library Solutions: Collecting LGBTQ & Title IX Titles to Evaluate Book Vendors Ashley Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelTrevor A. Dawes • Russell Michalak • Monica Rysavy Demystifying the Buzz Words: Linked Data, Artificial Intelligence - What Does This Mean for my Library? Cypress North, Courtyard Marriott HotelErik Mitchell • Ruth Pickering • Philip Schreur Discovery’s Foundation: Effectively Leveraging a Century’s Worth of Metadata Cooper Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelJeanette Norris Don’t Stop the Presses! Study of Short-Term Return on Investment on Print Books Purchased under Different Acquisition Modes Salon II, Gaillard CenterCandace Lebel • Maria Savova Driving Discoverability and Accessibility with Metadata and Ebooks Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelRick Anderson • Sue-Ann Ma • Dean Smith • Greg Suprock EBA in Practice: Facilitating Evidence-Driven E-Book Programs in both Consortium and Individual Library Settings Salon I, Gaillard CenterJohn Abresch • Andy Langhurst Eickholt • Laura Pascual From Advocacy to Action: How Libraries Are Advancing their Role with Regard to Open Educational Resources Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelKelly Denzer • Teri Gallaway • Nicole Rakozy • Cynthia Thomes From Descriptive Analysis to Prescriptive Analytics: Visualization and Validation in Shared Print Cypress South, Courtyard Marriott HotelMei Mendez • Susan Stearns From the CSU Files: Centralizing Collection Management at a Large Research Library Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelCarolyn Carpan • Trish Chatterley If We Had A Prologue Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelLaura Krier • Jodi Shepherd Impact Analytics: Empowering the Library to Evaluate Meaningful Use of E-Resources Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterHelen Adey • Andrea Eastman-Mullins • Jesse Koennecke • Boaz Nadav-Manes Is it Really Publishing? The Why and How of Library Publishing Initiatives Magnolia Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelSarah Lippincott Keeping Pace with Research Patron Practices: A Discussion on Faculty and Student Needs in 2017 Citadel Green Room North, Embassy Suites HotelAnne Langley • Rosalind Tedford Shotgun Session Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelMeg White • Stacy Baggett • Ravit H. David • Courtney McAllister • Christopher Palazzolo • Doug Way Show, Don’t Tell: Embedding Library Services into the Campus Website and Community Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelJean-Gabriel Bankier • Stephanie Davis-Kahl Storage Warriors: Survivors of the “Big Move” Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterErika L. Johnson • Britt Mueller • Sheli Pratt-McHugh • Narda Tafuri • Sharon Wiles-Young The Road to Effective Library Leadership: How Do I Get There From Here? Citadel Green Room South, Embassy Suites HotelJim Freedman • Shin Freedman Weathering the Storm with Ebook Auto-Upgrades Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelHilary Davis • Teresa Hazen • Lynn Whittenberger When Change is a “New” Concept: Using Your Library’s Past to Manage its Future Colonial Ballroom, Embassy Suites HotelAshley Chase • Lindsay Cronk • Rachel Fleming

3:30pm EST

And You May Ask Yourself, Well, How Did I Get Here? Library and Vendor Perspectives on Mapping, Data Visualization, and Geographic Analytics Carolina Ballroom B, Francis Marion HotelSteve Cramer • Kevin Harwell • Charles Swartz Books On Demand: A New(er) Look to Print Monograph Acquisition Cypress North, Courtyard Marriott HotelPaolo P. Gujilde • Cara Huwieler • Debra Skinner Communicating Collections to Stakeholders: The Good, the Bad, and the Spreadsheets Colonial Ballroom, Embassy Suites HotelBeth Blanton-Kent • Karen Gau • Glenn Johnson-Grau • Sarah McClung Critical Business Collections: Examining Key Issues using a Social Justice Lens Cypress South, Courtyard Marriott HotelHeather Howard • Katharine V. Macy • Corey Seeman • Alyson Vaaler Examining Streaming Video Cost-Per-Use across DDA and Subscription Aggregation at Multiple Institution Types Grand Ballroom 1, Gaillard CenterRebecca Oling • David Parker • Cory Tucker Handwritten Text Recognition: Artificial Intelligence and the future of Manuscript Search Gold Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelKhal Rudin • Meredith Schwartz • Bob Scott • John Tofanelli Honoring Past Practices While Increasing Collection Budget Flexibility: Designing and Communicating a New Budget Model Rutledge Room, Francis Marion HotelScott Pope • Ginger Williams In Research We Trust Colonial Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelToni Carter • George Hart • Lisa Rose-Wiles Managing ETDs: the good, the bad, and the ugly Citadel Green Room North, Embassy Suites HotelDan Tam Do • Laura Gewissler Serving Up Data on a Platter Fit for Research Citadel Green Room South, Embassy Suites HotelTodd Baldwin • Sayeed Choudhury • Meris Mandernach Shotgun Session Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelBobby Hollandsworth • Mimi Calter • Barbara Ferry • Katherine Greene • Lisa Smith • Heidi Tebbe Spanning the (Sometimes) Great Divide: Connecting Library Resources to Digital Scholarship Carolina Ballroom A, Francis Marion HotelMarc Cormier • Wendy Perla Kurtz • Clifford Wulfman Straightening the Long and Winding Road to Open Acces Pinckney Room, Francis Marion HotelColleen Campbell • Rachael Samberg • Ralf Schimmer Sustainable Digital Preservation: An innovative partnership in the long-term preservation of special collections materials Magnolia Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelMary Barbosa-Jerez • Mike Peters Textbook Collections: Required of our students, Unwelcome in our academic library? Salon II, Gaillard CenterLeanne Olson The Big Deal: Perspectives on All-Inclusive Models Grand Ballroom 2, Gaillard CenterDavid Fisher • Corey Halaychik • Jason Price • Wendy Shelburne • Gracemary Smulewitz The Impact of Library Discovery Systems: Sharing Evidence from Libraries and Publishers Ashley Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelAndrea Eastman-Mullins • Andrew French • Laura Guy Transforming Textbook Affordability: A Library and Vendor Collaboration Grand Ballroom 3, Gaillard CenterEvelyn Elias • Athena Hoeppner • Ying Zhang Using Historical Interlibrary Loan Data and OCLC to Support, to Downsize our Print Journal Collection Cooper Room, Courtyard Marriott HotelPaul Beavers • Andy Breeding • Mike Hawthorne • Brittany Hill • James Van Loon When Library Science and Data Science Meet Salon I, Gaillard CenterKatherine Smith • Leslie Wilfong Whose Data Is It, Anyway?: Unpacking Conflicting Definitions of Book Metadata Laurens Room, Francis Marion HotelAngela Carreño • Jon Elwell • Nina Servizzi • Priscilla Treadwell

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Poster Sessions and Happy Hour Networking Events Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelTom Gilson Speed Networking Calhoun Room, Francis Marion HotelCarol Kennedy 01 Building a Collection Management Cycle from Scratch: One Library’s Quest for On-going Assessment of Collections Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelTricia Lantzy 02 Getting Something Out of a Whole Lotta Nothing: Making Worldshare Evaluation Work for You Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelLea Currie • Corinne Forstot-Burke • Amalia Monroe-Gulick 03 Taking the Long View: A Case Study of E-Book Usage at a Comprehensive Research University Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelEdward Lener • Mitch Moulton 04 Assessing a Rarely-Weeded Print Monograph Collection Using OCLC’s GreenGlass : The Case of Santa Clara University Library Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelTina E Chrzastowski • Wen-Ying Lu • Rice Majors 05 An Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Dashboard that Powers Better Decision Making in Collection Development and in Acqusitions Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMike Hawthorne 06 Cleaning Data, or More Neat Excel Tricks to make it Easier Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelBarbara Bishop 07 E-Preferred Approval Plans – Is This the Right Choice for an Academic Library? Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelSimona Tabacaru 08 It’s Getting Hot In Here! Heat Mapping and Data Gathering for Space Analysis and Design Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelLaura Menard 09 Journal Packages: Another Look at Predicting COUNTER and ILL Use Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelBarbara Bishop • Adelia Grabowsky • Liza Weisbrod 10 Looking Good! Slicing and Dicing with Dashboards to Visualize Data in Excel Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMichael Winecoff 11 Predictive Models for Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA) Expenditures Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelDeborah Bezanson 12 Six Years of Data on Patron Driven Acquisitions will Tell You A LOT about Book Demand and Availability. Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelStephanie Baker • George Gottschalk • Lynn Wiley 13 Sunshine ER Tracker Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJay Wiese 14 (Re)Discovering Print: Activating and Customizing “Discovery eBooks” to Promote Physical Collections Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJames Rodgers • Rachel Scott 16 Innovating New Publication Models for Open Access Archives: A Case Study in Anthropology Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJenna Makowski • Alec McLane 17 Is the Past 'Really' Prologue? The Effect of a University’s Consolidation on its JSTOR Subscription. Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMelissa Johnson • Catherine Kosturski 18 Text Mining Virtual Reference through a Collection Management lens: extracting insightful stories and operationalizing data for strategic allocate of resources Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMichelle Polchow 19 Current Practices in Ebook Acquisition Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelRaik Zaghloul 20 eBook Licensing: What are the Priorities for Libraries? Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelKelly Denzer 21 Impact of Joining EAST on our Health Sciences Library Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelFrances Foret • Siamak Samiean 22 Measuring Success: Evaluating Changes Made to Electronic Demand-Driven Acquisitions and Short-Term Loans Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelSherri Brown 23 Now It’s Legit: Setting up a Formalized Database Subscription Recommendation and Review Process Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelColleen Lougen 24 O Brave New Print Collection, that Has Such Data Science Books in It! Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelHeidi Tebbe • Mira Waller 25 Oh, Wonder! How Many Goodly Creatures Are There Here: Skeletons for Loan in the Library Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelDanica Lewis 26 The Delay with Migrating Print Serials Available Electronically. Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelColleen Major • Adrian Stanley Thomas 27 A Match Made in Heaven: Merging Acquisitions, Licensing, Document Delivery, and ILL into One Big Happy Department! Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelRob Tench 28 A Messy Collection, a PMO, and Best Practices: Incorporating Project Management and Principles of Organizational Decision-Making into an Offsite Collection Move Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelChristopher Palazzolo 29 Breaking Silos, Changing Mindsets: A Year in the Life of a Copy Cataloging Team Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMonica Crabtree 30 Altruism or Self-Interest? Author Motivations to Publish Open Access Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelDylan Burns • Robert Heaton • Becky Thoms 31 Moving Scholarly Communications Initiatives from the Periphery to the Core through New Organization Models in the Information Resources Division at Texas A&M University Libraries Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelPaula Sullenger 32 ResearchGate vs. the Institutional Repository: Competition or Complement? Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJulia Lovett • Andree J. Rathemacher 33 Nothing is Linear about Open Access Initiatives: Promoting OA at a New Research Institution Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelChristine Davidian • Jennifer K Matthews 34 When CORAL Moves to Alma: Reshaping E-Resource Management Workflows and Concepts Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMichael Rodriguez 35 Preliminary Findings of an ILS Migration that Will Be Just Past the Mid-way Point of Pre-Migration Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelChristine Dunleavy 36 Past and Future Collections: Making the Connection with Makerspaces Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelBeth Caruso • Somaly KimWu 37 Taming the Social Media Beast Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelHeather Howard • Sarah Huber 39 Who's Using This Database? Leaving IP Authentication Behind Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelBrandon Hudson • Linda Van Keuren 40 A Deep Dive for Discovery: Using Google Analytics’ User Explorer Tool for a Detailed Look into our Users and EBSCO Discovery Service Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion Hotel 41 A Prologue to Planning: Assessing Use of an Academic Library Graduate Student Study Room Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelAlexa Carter • Brianne Dosch • Jordan Kaufman 42 Library Space: The Final Frontier or the Next Generation? Assessing Active Learning Space in the Academic Library Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelSian Carr • Alexa Carter • Kristina Clement • Lauren Johnson First Aid for Student Costs: Helping Nursing Faculty Reduce Textbook Purchase Requirements Outside Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelLea Leininger Free Textbooks! Open Educational Resources at Xavier University of Louisiana Outside Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelNancy Hampton Handing over the Keys to the Patron: Where Will PDA Drive Us? Outside Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelJeff Staiger JR5s, University of Chicago Press Journals, and the JSTOR Bump Outside Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMatthew Jabaily Learning from the Past, Building a Better Future: Employee Motivation and Patron Satisfaction Outside Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelKristina Clement • Brianne Dosch Page Not Found: creating a troubleshooting workflow for your library Outside Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelRachel Becker Showcasing Ebook Platform Features Outside Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelShaun Bennett • Danica Lewis • Xiaoyan Song Silo Busting: Adding Value through Resource Sharing Diversification Outside Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelBrandon Lewter • Courtney McAllister • Renna Redd The Two Second (Data-Driven) Renewal: Automating Renewal Decisions Using Excel Outside Carolina Ballroom, Francis Marion HotelMandi Smith

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